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Spiritual Gifts: Teaching and Exploration

Led by Pastor Jay Christianson

Mondays 6:30-8:30pm

Upcoming Schedule
Remote Classes via Google Meet (Beginning April 12th)


The Spiritual Gifts class studies the foundation and exercise of the Manifestation Gifts of the Holy Spirit in 1 Corinthians 12 and the Motivation Gifts in Romans 12. The class will include Bible study, online assessments, discussion, and exploration of the remarkable things the Lord has given His people to impact the world and minister to the Body. Contact the office for the Google Meet link and passcode.

A Walk Through The Torah

Led by Pastor Jay Christianson

Tuesdays 6:30-8:30pm

Upcoming Schedule
Remote Classes via Google Meet (Beginning April 13th)


The Walk Through The Torah class will read through and discuss the Torah – the books of Moses, Genesis through Deuteronomy – at a relaxed pace to really dig into the text. In the past, Issachar Community’s Torah class has kept pace with the weekly Torah readings, but the material is so vast many students felt rushed. Our approach will be to work through the entire text at our own pace with plenty of time for discussion and application. Join us for one book, a few books, or all of them! Contact the office for the Google Meet link and passcode.

The Book of Daniel

Led by Pastor Jay Christianson

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Israel's Sovereign God, Israel, and the End of Days

An In-Depth Study on the Sovereignty of God and End Times Prophecy


These remarkable classes cover a panorama of God's mercy and grace across millennia!

These classes will excite you and likely challenge some 'traditional' evangelical beliefs about the End Times chain of events and characters.


You'll learn some Israel history of the 400 years before Yeshua, and be stoked when you see how God protects his people and controls empires!

These Classes run a minimum of 12 weeks depending on discussion. Register now for the Classes, and we'll keep you informed of the Classes Schedule! We'll provide you with printed notes (for a fee) or PDF notes (no fee). Read through the Book of Daniel in advance of the start of the Classes. Bring your Bible. Bring materials to take notes. Bring questions. Bring an inquisitive mind. Leave egos at the door.

Not required but these two books are of great benefit and highly recommended!

Mideast Beast and The Islamic AntiChrist by Joel Richardson. You can buy them at Amazon.

Please begin reading these books before classes start. They will be important from Daniel 7 onward through the classes.

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A Walk Through The Torah Classes
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