Communion, the Feast of the Born-Again, and Oneg

Issachar Community celebrates our New Covenant with Messiah Yeshua (Jesus) with the abbreviated Passover

Seder called Communion.

Since the New Moon celebration is called the Feast of the Born-Again and it teaches much about our lives as born again believers, we have chosen to celebrate Communion, the Feast of the Born-Again on the Sabbath ON or AFTER the New Moon of the month.

We also celebrate our Communion with one another with a fellowship lunch called an Oneg (meaning joy) following the Sabbath Service. All are invited to contribute something to eat and everyone is welcome whether you bring anything or not. We've never run short!

We ask that all food contributed to our "feast" be Biblically kosher, meaning no pork or shellfish products or ingredients, out of respect for those who observe the Torah's kosher commands. THANKS!

Here is a list of suggested food assignments. When in doubt, please bring a main course!

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