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Lavish Love

Matthew 26:6-13 is a familiar account from Matthew, Mark, and John. But let's take a fresh look at it with some First Century Jewish background. Pastor Jay looks at this account from three perspectives … from the perspective of women, from the perspective of the disciples, and from the perspective of Yeshua. What is being said here? What can we learn? How are we able to love on Yeshua lavishly in a way that will make us memorable to the Lord?

The Safest Place in the Storm

Pastor Jay teaches through Matthew 26:1-5 with a powerful message to encourage us as we face the storms of life. Are you facing terrifying "waves" and destructive "winds" today? Take a listen and be encouraged!

Post-Tribulation  Rapture View

The Rapture. It's that thing where Christians are transformed and lifted off the earth to meet Jesus in the air prior to His messianic kingdom starting on earth. It's the separation of righteous from unrighteous before God's wrath falls on earth for sin. But, there is a HUGE dispute amongst Christians about when this will occur and even IF it will occur! Many say the Rapture will occur before the Tribulation. Fewer say the Rapture will occur after the Tribulation ends. Which is it? Judge for yourself. Pastor Jay presents the ‘Post-Trib’ view, backs it up with scripture ... and a little humor. He’s a ‘Post-Trib’ Rapture Guy!

Our Daily Devotions

Many Christians say that they learn very little from the Old Testament (the Hebrew scriptures), especially the Torah about how to live their lives. Funny, that's not how Yeshua/Jesus sees it … in Matthew 5:17-20. In this message, Pastor Jay shows how we can have an effective daily devotional life by learning how the priests prepared the Temple Altar of Sacrifice for the day's work. It'll "fire" you up!

The Best Laid Plans of God and Man

There's an old Yiddish proverb that says, "Do you want to hear God laugh? Then tell Him your plans." Yup. We think we rule our world and we're the captains of our destinies. Nope. God leads and directs our steps. We have plans, but God shifts our feet according to His plan. Take a listen as Pastor Jay shows how this works in this message dealing with the plans of the Lord, the wicked, the righteous, and even Judas.

Tithing - A Simple Pleasure!

There are many simple pleasures in life if we just open our eyes and see them. Did you know Tithing (giving 10% of your gross income) can be one of them? YUP! Take a listen as Pastor Jay lays out the Bible's teaching about tithing and why it brings pleasure to not only us ... but the LORD as well!

What is this Baptism Thing?

When Christians are asked about the origins of baptism, it's sad to say that many think it's an innovation by Yeshua (Jesus) for His New Covenant believers to initiate them into the fellowship of believers. In reality, baptism (water immersion) has deep Jewish roots and apply to more than just conversion to Judaism.

Leprosy of the Mouth

The dangers of evil speech! There is an insidious and wide-spread disease sweeping through Christian circles today. Its infection spreads rapidly, rots people to the bone, and brings death and destruction unless treated quickly and firmly. It is Leprosy of the Mouth aka Evil Speech. Yup, we're talking about gossip, slander, sarcasm and a host of other malignant forms that many of us use every single day! Just check your unsocial networks. How does God feel about it? Take a listen ... you may never want to talk again!

God’s Presence is Essential

God has always desired to be with His people. However, we're very used to walking on without Him, totally ignoring Him, and thinking we can go through life just fine all by ourselves. Moses knew otherwise. He would rather stay camped around Mount Sinai than take one step further. Take a listen and be encouraged to seek God's presence every day!