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Lavish Love

Matthew 26:6-13 is a familiar account from Matthew, Mark, and John. But let's take a fresh look at it with some First Century Jewish background. Pastor Jay looks at this account from three perspectives … from the perspective of women, from the perspective of the disciples, and from the perspective of Yeshua. What is being said here? What can we learn? How are we able to love on Yeshua lavishly in a way that will make us memorable to the Lord?

The Safest Place in the Storm

Pastor Jay teaches through Matthew 26:1-5 with a powerful message to encourage us as we face the storms of life. Are you facing terrifying "waves" and destructive "winds" today? Take a listen and be encouraged!

Post-Tribulation  Rapture View

The Rapture. It's that thing where Christians are transformed and lifted off the earth to meet Jesus in the air prior to His messianic kingdom starting on earth. It's the separation of righteous from unrighteous before God's wrath falls on earth for sin. But, there is a HUGE dispute amongst Christians about when this will occur and even IF it will occur! Many say the Rapture will occur before the Tribulation. Fewer say the Rapture will occur after the Tribulation ends. Which is it? Judge for yourself. Pastor Jay presents the ‘Post-Trib’ view, backs it up with scripture ... and a little humor. He’s a ‘Post-Trib’ Rapture Guy!

Our Daily Devotions

Many Christians say that they learn very little from the Old Testament (the Hebrew scriptures), especially the Torah about how to live their lives. Funny, that's not how Yeshua/Jesus sees it … in Matthew 5:17-20. In this message, Pastor Jay shows how we can have an effective daily devotional life by learning how the priests prepared the Temple Altar of Sacrifice for the day's work. It'll "fire" you up!

The Best Laid Plans of God and Man

There's an old Yiddish proverb that says, "Do you want to hear God laugh? Then tell Him your plans." Yup. We think we rule our world and we're the captains of our destinies. Nope. God leads and directs our steps. We have plans, but God shifts our feet according to His plan. Take a listen as Pastor Jay shows how this works in this message dealing with the plans of the Lord, the wicked, the righteous, and even Judas.

Tithing - A Simple Pleasure!

There are many simple pleasures in life if we just open our eyes and see them. Did you know Tithing (giving 10% of your gross income) can be one of them? YUP! Take a listen as Pastor Jay lays out the Bible's teaching about tithing and why it brings pleasure to not only us ... but the LORD as well!

What is this Baptism Thing?

When Christians are asked about the origins of baptism, it's sad to say that many think it's an innovation by Yeshua (Jesus) for His New Covenant believers to initiate them into the fellowship of believers. In reality, baptism (water immersion) has deep Jewish roots and apply to more than just conversion to Judaism.

Leprosy of the Mouth

The dangers of evil speech! There is an insidious and wide-spread disease sweeping through Christian circles today. Its infection spreads rapidly, rots people to the bone, and brings death and destruction unless treated quickly and firmly. It is Leprosy of the Mouth aka Evil Speech. Yup, we're talking about gossip, slander, sarcasm and a host of other malignant forms that many of us use every single day! Just check your unsocial networks. How does God feel about it? Take a listen ... you may never want to talk again!

God’s Presence is Essential

God has always desired to be with His people. However, we're very used to walking on without Him, totally ignoring Him, and thinking we can go through life just fine all by ourselves. Moses knew otherwise. He would rather stay camped around Mount Sinai than take one step further. Take a listen and be encouraged to seek God's presence every day!

The Authority of the Scriptures

Trevor Rubenstein gives an outstanding message on the authority of the Scriptures!

Where is the Fear of God?

Larry Kutzler gives an awesome message about the current state of the church and what we have lost. We truly need a return to the fear of God to be what God wants us to be!

Advance Warning

As Yeshua moves through the Last Passover with His disciples, He gives them a very specific warning. He quotes Zechariah the prophet's words to Israel that the Lord's Shepherd will be struck and God's sheep will be scattered. With this remez (a rabbinic way of speaking or referring to an entire section of scripture without quoting the entire piece), Yeshua warns His disciples about what is about to befall them and why. The question to be answered is, "Will they indeed desert or deny Him?" Knowing what happens during Yeshua's arrest, let's not be too hard on Peter and the rest of the disciples. If we're put into the same situations, what will our response be?


Chanukah, a Feast of Dedication, Education, and Training. Many think of Chanukah as that "other" winter holiday in conjunction with Christmas. Many Christians have no idea what Chanukah is about. Well, listen up as Pastor Jay shares the story that brought about Chanukah and how it is a great feast for Christians to celebrate.

The Last Passover

The Last Passover, Redeemed by the New Covenant. As Yeshua sat down to celebrate Passover with His disciples, He began to reveal to them the depths of a celebration that the Jews had practiced for over 1500 years. And now, the meaning that God had embedded in it could finally be revealed! Redemption. But what does redemption mean? Take a listen as Pastor Jay unfolds the various acts of redemption that Yeshua's death brings us. After this, you will see Passover or Communion in a whole new light, and probably with tears in your eyes in gratitude to the Lord.

A Very Torah Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a very Torah-type Feast if you can believe it! Thanking the Lord for all He is and all He has done for us is a very Biblical/Torah way to live...and not just one day. Pastor Jay examines the principle of turning our Thanksgiving celebration into a thank-offering to the Lord.

Prepared for a Purpose

The Passover is upon Yeshua and the disciples. Lots of preparations are being made - preparations for the meal, for Judas' betrayal, and the trauma upon the disciples yet to come. God does a lot of preparing … not the least of which is preparing us for eternity to come. Take a listen!

Manifestation Gifts Part 1

Before we get into describing and explaining the individual manifestation gifts of the Holy Spirit for Yeshua's Body, let's take a look at Paul's teaching about HOW the gifts are necessary for believers and proper attitudes for their use.

Manifestation Gifts Part 2

Pastor Jay now gets into the individual gifts of 1 Corinthians 12 - the Manifestation (Flashes of the Supernatural) Gifts of the Holy Spirit. This gift group are the vocal gifts - languages (aka tongues), interpretation of tongues, and prophecy.

Manifestation Gifts Part 3

In this message, Pastor Jay takes us through the "Doing" Manifestation Gifts of the Holy Spirit - Faith, Healings, and Miracles.

Manifestation Gifts Part 4

In this final message of the Holy Spirit and His Gifts series, Pastor Jay covers the 3 Knowing Manifestation Gifts of the Holy Spirit - Word of Knowledge, Word of Wisdom, and Discernment. They aren't the "flashiest" gifts BUT in the End Times they will be very crucial as protection against widespread deception!

The Holy Spirt Part 1

The Holy Spirit, Salvation. Many people know the role Yeshua had in bringing us salvation. But, did you know the Holy Spirit has His role as well? Take a listen as Pastor Jay unlocks this through Psalm 51 and the scriptures that promise the New Covenant!

The Holy Spirt Part 2

The Holy Spirit, The Kingdom of God. The Kingdom of God and the Holy Spirit are inseparably linked. You can't have one without the other. From the very beginning of Creation, the Holy Spirit has been manifesting God's kingdom on earth. What does that mean for us today? As Christians, we claim to be in God's kingdom. Then is the Holy Spirit active in you and through you? If He's not, are you sure you are even IN God's kingdom (or God's kingdom is in you)? Take the challenge. Take a listen!

The Holy Spirt Part 3

The Holy Spirit, Immersed in the Holy Spirit. Yeshua promised that He would baptize His disciples with the Holy Spirit. Because many Christians don't really understand baptism in the Jewish context, they don't fully realize what Yeshua meant, and many certainly don't appreciate the fullness of the Holy Spirit's work in us. Join Pastor Jay as he explains the Immersion with the Holy Spirit with the first century Jewish context.

The Holy Spirt Part 4

The Holy Spirit, Filled with the Holy Spirit. If we are filled with the Holy Spirit, there WILL be a remarkable transformation in our lives. It may come suddenly or gradually, but there WILL be a change. Pastor Jay explains the characteristics of the Spirit-filled life, how the Spirit affects our "flesh," the command to be filled, the continual filling we should be experiencing, how to be filled, and finally how we can be a hindrance to our own infilling of the Spirit.

The Holy Spirt Part 5

The Holy Spirit, the Power. Where the Holy Spirit is, there is God's kingdom. And where God's kingdom is, there is God's authority and power. The NORMAL Christian life is a life of Holy Spirit imparted power. Jesus was our example starting with His baptism. He was filled, led, then empowered by the Holy Spirit to do the works of His Father according to the will of His Father. He even promised His disciples that they would do even greater things than He since He was going to His Father. So why does the church look more like a social club than a spiritual army? Take a listen and you decide!

Can You Hear Me Now? Part 1

Hearing God’s Voice. It is not only POSSIBLE that you can hear God's voice, He WANTS you to hear it. In fact, if you don't hear Jesus you might want to check if you're even saved. (*Shocked gasp here*) Why? Jesus said that His sheep "hear My voice." If you're saved, then how can you hear Jesus? Take a listen for some very sane and practical guidelines for developing your spiritual ear.

Can You Hear Me Now? Part 2

Hearing God’s Voice. Learning to hear God's voice is not hard. In fact, Jesus expects us to hear His voice and follow Him according to John 10. Join Pastor Jay as he shares some very practical teaching on developing your ability to hear and respond to the Lord's voice!

Can You Hear Me Now? Part 3

Hearing God’s Voice. In this final part of this series on Learning to Hear God's Voice, Pastor Jay starts out with an amazing testimony of how God can speak in dreams. This unique testimony is followed by solid practical teaching to help us tune our ears to God's voice, opening up new vistas in walking with the Lord!

Heaven … on Whose Terms? Part 1

This is a familiar account of Jesus speaking with a rich and young ruler. The young man obviously wants to make sure he has eternal life covered. Well, Jesus/Yeshua gets to the heart of the matter - the man's heart. And this is what the Lord wants from all of us. Take a listen and see if you can relate to this guy.

Heaven … on Whose Terms? Part 2

A continuation of Yeshua's discussion about who gets into heaven. The first addressed are the rich. He points out that this is tough for the rich, but nothing is impossible with God. Peter now points out that they're the opposite - given up everything. Jesus gives them an awesome promise while reassuring those who give up much or all will receive the same and more. However, pride is a big issue, even for those who have surrendered much for the Lord.

Messiah Part 1

How Great Art Thou. What is TRUE greatness in God's kingdom? Money? Fame? Power? Nope. Something entirely different and something not largely seen in any halls of power today. And yet, learning this one thing and living it every day is crucial for being in God's kingdom!

Messiah Part 2

The Healing Hand of Messiah. Two blind guys, one Messiah. Why do they call out for Jesus/Yeshua, the Son of David to heal them? How do we get from Son of David to Messiah to Healer? Check it out and learn what the scriptures reveal!

Messiah Part 3

The Son of David. This account tells us of two blind men, sitting on the road from Jericho to Jerusalem, crying out to Yeshua/Jesus to heal them. The call out to Yeshua as "The Son of David." This seems odd that the Son of David would have healing power. So how do they get from Son of David to Healer? Once again, this shows us how Yeshua is the Messiah of Israel.

Yeshua’s Verdict Part 1

Of Figs and Faith. This is an outstanding message that helps unlock the events of Yeshua's Entry into Jerusalem to the cleansing of the Temple and the interaction between Jesus and the Jewish leadership over the following two days of Holy Week. Did Yeshua curse the fig tree because He was having a bad day or was there something much deeper behind this remarkable and miraculous object lesson. This is a must-listen-to message!

Yeshua’s Verdict Part 2

The Inspection of the Lamb Begins. The Authority Question. Yeshua has entered Jerusalem in a powerful declaration of His Messiahship. Immediately upon His arrival Yeshua takes authority over the Temple precincts and cleans house. This raises the ire of the leadership and they immediately jump in to question Jesus' authority to perform such a authoritative action. The inspection of the Lamb of God and the Religious leadership begins. Will the Lamb pass inspection and prove ready for sacrifice? Will the leadership pass inspection and prove to be proper leaders for Israel or disqualified for future service?

Yeshua’s Verdict Part 3

After the leadership refuses to answer Jesus over the question of whose authority overrules the other, Jesus starts to tell three parables that level accusations against the leadership as to their fitness for office. In this parable of the Two Sons, Yeshua clearly spells out that it's those who "do", not those who just "say" that are those who follow the Father's will. This has powerful implications for us Christians as well. Be careful, you might find your toes stepped on!

Yeshua’s Verdict Part 4

The Parable of the Tenant Farmers. This is a mind-blowing parable! This is the 2nd in a string of three in which Yeshua/Jesus levels His accusations against the Jewish leadership for rejecting God kingdom through Him. The parable is about the leadership, but the real focus is something, or someone, else. The Church has traditionally interpreted this parable as Jesus' rejection of Judism and Israel. THAT'S COMPLETELY FALSE and comes from a faulty reading and interpretation of His words. Check it out. You'll be amazed!

Yeshua’s Verdict Part 5

The Parable of the Wedding Invitation. This is Yeshua's/Jesus' 3rd indictment against the leadership of His day. They said they would serve God, but refused. They stood accused of plotting to take God's kingdom for themselves, but regardless, the ROCK, the Messiah would prevail - even if they killed Him. Now Yeshua declares that those who receive the King's invitation to His Son's wedding will get their desire - exclusion. He will search for the willing...but they can only attend on the King's terms. Curious?

Yeshua’s Verdict Part 6

The Pharisees Examine the Lamb. Which Law to Break? Now it's the Temple leaders' turn to test Yeshua. The Pharisees are up to bat and pose a dilemma - Obey God's Law or man's law? This is a remarkable account of how Yeshua calls all of us to do "our duty."

Yeshua’s Verdict Part 7

The Question of the Resurrection. A Torah Observant King? The Sadducees' turn to examine the Lamb has begun. The basis of their question is Torah, the Law. Most Christians read this and think, "What an amazing revelation about the resurrection of the dead! Yes, Jesus says it's going to happen!" Oh, but there's so much more going on under the surface. We get a new revelation from Jesus and we find out the Sadducees were trying to disqualify the candidate for Messiah.

Yeshua’s Verdict Part 8

Messiah, Your Credentials Please. The Pharisees and the Sadducees have examined the Lamb. Now it's up to the Scribes. Their question is very specific - "Messiah, what is the greatest commandment?" In essence, they're asking for Yeshua's/Jesus' credentials as a Messiah candidate. Enjoy His challenging answer that applies to us all!

Yeshua’s Verdict Part 9

Okay, Boys, What Do You Think About the Messiah? We now reach the end of the Examination of the Lamb prior to Passover. The leadership questioned Yeshua's authority after He cleansed the Temple. Yeshua spoke parables revealing the leadership's qualifications (or lack thereof) for leading Israel. The Pharisees, Sadducees, and Scribes have posited questions to check Yeshua's qualifications for Messiahship of Israel. In all of these tests, Yeshua has passed with flying colors. Now Yeshua completes His exam of the leadership forcing them to speak God's truth that Messiah is both God and Man. Take a listen as Pastor Jay unwraps this amazing exchange!

Yeshua’s Verdict Part 10

Who Sits in Moses’ Seat? The examination of both sides is done. Yeshua now delivers His verdict on Israel's leadership. This first address speaks to the crowds and His disciples. He affirms the validity of the Torah, but He warns everyone away from the leadership. This is a very confusing scripture verse for most Christians, but it carries HUGE implications. Do we as Gentiles have to obey the Torah? To what extent? It's not up to man, but God to make that decision. Regardless, hypocrisy is to be avoided!

Yeshua’s Verdict Part 11

Hypocrisy and Pride. Many Christians heap abuse on the Pharisees and scribes for hypocrisy and pride. Some of it is rightly deserved, some is not. Even the Pharisees themselves chastise their own for those two sins. So here is the challenge, Christians. Listen to the message to learn the background of Yeshua's verdict. Then let's examine ourselves that we aren't falling into the same deadly traps.

Yeshua’s Verdict Part 12

The Isaiah Woes. Yeshua unloads His verdict on the leaders of His day, specifically the scribes and Pharisees. There is a tremendous parallel with Isaiah's own indictment of the leaders of his day. What can we learn what displeases God? By learning that, we can learn what pleases Him.

Yeshua’s Verdict Part 13

The Pharisees Woes. Now that we've examined Isaiah's woes on the leaders of his day, we can now turn to Yeshua's woes on the wicked shepherds of Israel in His day. Yeshua's indictment and verdict of the Pharisees is a scathing rebuke.

Yeshua’s Verdict Part 14

The Axe Will Fall. About three years earlier, John warned the Jerusalem leadership that they had a choice - receive the coming Messiah and the new way of God's kingdom or prepare for His judgment. The axe that was laid at the foot of the tree is now ready to swing. While this is an extremely sobering message regarding the people of Israel and their leaders, there is hope. God has not given up on His people. Nor will He ever! There is coming a day when His people will stand and proclaim, "Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord!"

Yeshua’s Return Part 1

The Hows and Whys. It's a fact of life. People want to know what's coming in the future. Untold millions are spent on so-called psychics and fortune tellers. Silliness! God wants His people to be prepared for what He knows is coming. What's coming is His kingdom in power and glory! Yeshua clearly say that His return and the coming of the messianic kingdom will be preceded by definite signs. For those who have eyes to see and minds to comprehend, the End will not take them by surprise.

Yeshua’s Return Part 2

The Hows and Whys continued. Super AntiChrist Boogeyman! The Abomination that causes Desolation! The Beast! The Rebuilt Temple in Jerusalem! All these things bring forth images of the End of Days. True. But they are not the End, but the transition to a new beginning. Sadly, many Christians read Yeshua's words in Matthew 24 and lack the crucial background to understand exactly what Yeshua is referring to. The Sign of the Beginning of the End, the Sign of the Middle of the End, and the Sign of the Very End - the Sign of the Son of Man. Be prepared to be challenged in your traditional church thinking!

Yeshua’s Return Part 3

The End … SIGNS, not dates! People DESPERATELY want to know when Yeshua/Jesus will return. It's true. Over the last 1,300+ years there have been at least 242 people who have set the date for Messiah's return...and all failed! Why? The SIGNS weren't in place. What signs? Listen to all of the Matthew 24 messages first. If you already have, then listen to this one as Yeshua explains why the importance of signs, especially the ones we've seen for the last 70 years!

Yeshua’s Return Part 4

Parables About Jesus’ Return. After telling the disciples about the clear signs of His return, Yeshua/Jesus gives the End Time disciples cautions, warning, admonitions, encouragements about how they should be living at the unexpected moment of His return. We find these in the parable of the Two Servants, The 10 Virgins (Bridal Party Attendants), and the Talents. We see the signs today and have since 1948. Where do you find yourself in these parables, O Disciple?

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