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Prophetic Visions

The Prophetic Vision for our time. Connecting the dots. Pastor Loren speaks on the bad things that happen, but this is not the focus. Our focus is on the good things that happen. Pastor Loren compares Moses' words to Yeshua's words, and the themes to connect them. Pastor Loren connects the dots to what Moses was doing on the banks of the Jordan and what John was doing on the banks of the Jorden. They both had a vision, a prophetic vision of what was about to come. They both understood their place in human history, and they could see what God was doing, and they could see out into the future. How did they see it? Watch and listen as Pastor Loren explains the Prophetic Vision for our time.

The Gifts and Calling of God are Irrevocable

Who is Balak? Israel and Moab have history. Who is Balaam? … Prophet or Scoundrel? The Error of Balaam. Contrasting Abraham and Balaam. The Gifts and the Calling. So, what then does God expect from us – how shall we live? Listen in as Pastor Loren speaks on these themes.

The Double Negative Redemption

Listen in as Pastor Loren unpacks the red heifer and the water purification, the death of Miriam, Moses’ failure, the life-giving water of Messiah, the one who cleanses becomes unclean, and the bronze serpent casting the shadow of Messiah’s death on the Cross.

Envy and Pride ... The Roots of Rebellion

What is the root cause of rebellion against God's commandments? There are those who seem to be speaking truth outwardly, but inwardly their motivation is greed, jealousy, and a hunger for power and influence … both from a political as well as a religious standpoint. Listen in and learn how envy and pride is the root of rebellion.

Without Faith It Is Impossible to Please God

Do you know that the power of your words can shape your life for good or evil? How about the uncanny way in which God can turn catastrophic events to His own purposes for good? Well, listen and learn!

Follow the Cloud, Follow Yeshua

It was crucial for the Israelites to follow the cloud of God’s presence through the Wilderness. The same holds true for us as we follow Yeshua through life!

Obey God or Man … You Decide Part Two

The Bible is clear that we are to obey our earthly authorities. Where do governments come from and what does the Bible say is its purpose? The Apostle Paul has great insights in Romans Chapter 13.

Obey God or Man … You Decide Part One

The Bible is clear that we are to obey our earthly authorities. But what should God’s person do when human authorities conflict with God’s authority?

The Good Shepherd’s Voice: Listening For His Leading

Knowing how to hear the Lord’s voice is crucial for the Christian. Through His voice, the Good Shepherd warns, guides, and comforts His sheep. Pastor Jay shares the reasons and the ways to hear our Good Shepherd’s call to us.

Obedience and God’s Presence

God wants us to live in His presence. Through Jesus we have His indwelling presence. But how does obedience affect our experience of God’s presence?

Willing AND Able

We can learn much from the account of the Tabernacle’s planning and construction (Exodus 25-31). One powerful lesson is the tremendous need for God’s people to be both WILLING and ABLE to accomplish His work. What’s your SHAPE that fits into God’s assignment for you?

The Truth and Proof For Our Resurrection

What does it mean to be resurrected? It was a common Jewish belief in Yeshua’s day. Yeshua taught about it, promised it, and most of all, demonstrated it.

Cleaning ‘House’ For Passover

Great care is given to cleaning the Jewish home to prepare for Passover. Every last bit of leaven must be removed. Since Jesus is our Passover Lamb (1 Corinthians 5:6-8), what should we do to make sure we’re ready?

The Sensitive Seeker

Since the Fall, the Bible records God fervently seeking after His lost children and calling out for us to seek Him. What does that mean and how do we seek the Lord?

If You Don’t Go With Us We’re Not Going Ahead!

After Israel’s sin of the Golden Calf, God promised to lead the Israelites, but His presence wouldn’t be with them. Moses appealed God’s verdict because he knew God’s presence was crucial for two reasons. It’s the same for us.

Restore the Joy of My Salvation

When we’re first saved, many believers shine with joy! But the shine often dims with time and struggles in our spiritual life. Let’s learn from King David that we can always turn toward God for a renewing of that joy as surely as spring follows winter.

Where Are the Noahs of the Day?

Jesus told us that just before His return the world situation will be like “the days of Noah.” So what were those days like? More importantly, how can we be like Noah who made it through those days?

When Life Changes - Solomon’s Pendulum

One of the unchangeable principles in life is that change will come. Many people are afraid of change, but they have nothing to fear. There are ways to embrace change and grow through those times.

God’s Mercy

God says that we should be holy as He is holy. Then since He is merciful, we should show mercy as well. What does that mean for us?

On Prophets and Prophecy

After many prophecies about President Trump serving a second term, the subjects of prophets and prophecy are being reevaluated. Rather than throw a valuable ministry out, what can we learn about prophets and prophetic ministry?

Reflections on a Tumultuous Week

The week of January 3-9, 2021 has been a wild ride! A person would have to have been living under a rock to miss the news. What to make of the turmoil, the prophetic words, the rumors, the ugly facts, and all else? Pastor Jay shares his reflections for your prayerful consideration.

Immanuel - God With Us In 2021

There is always some anxiety about what the future holds. How much more as we face the uncertainty of this particular time? Rest assured, our Immanuel is still with us as He has shown in the past and promised for the future.

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