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Exploring the Hebraic Heritage of Christianity​

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Issachar Community is a Hebraic Heritage Christian Congregation for those taking the first steps of exploring the Hebraic

Heritage of Christianity. So, what does a 'Hebraic Heritage Christian Congregation' mean?

Well, we're a Congregation of Christian disciples and followers of Yeshua (Jesus), with a great appreciation for the Hebraic/Jewish foundations of Christianity. We have found that understanding those foundations brings a richer and deeper understanding of God and His Word. We have three main emphases: Bible-believing, Spirit-led, Hebrew-lite.

We're a great congregation for those who are interested in exploring the Jewishness of Jesus and the Early Church. We assist your exploration with solid Bible teaching and a worship service that's a mix of contemporary Christian worship music and some liturgy adapted from the current Jewish synagogue. Our worship experience is very understandable for the 'newbie' to the Jewish roots-type experience for new believers, and even mature Christians looking for a new perspective. We work hard to maintain a loving, cooperative atmosphere within our congregation.

Why are we Different from all others?

  • A great entry level Hebraic/Hebraic Heritage group

  • Evangelical; the Bible is our standard for faith and practice

  • Spirit-Filled; we are open to the leadership and gifts of the Holy Spirit in a safe and responsible environment

  • Worship; a unique mix between contemporary worship and traditional synagogue elements

  • Real Discipleship; we study the Bible so we can live it in our daily lives. We equip you for the work of ministry and serving Yeshua

Keys of our Vision

  • Evangelical, spirit-filled congregation that teaches, trains, and lives in a Hebraic perspective

  • Teaching the Hebraic heritage of Christianity without making people feel they must observe certain practices in order to be accepted. We promote Biblical practice as the Holy Spirit leads us

  • The Torah is the foundation of God’s Word and the entire Bible is regarded as crucial to spiritual life and maturity

  • Practical discipleship, i.e. maturing spiritually and learning how to live in a God-pleasing way

  • Worship that engages people with our Living Lord, providing ministry to encourage and build them up

  • Develop mature, wise, and decisive leadership for proper care

  • Encourage relationship building among the people who attend

  • Lifestyle evangelism

  • Loving outreach to Jews and Gentiles in practical ways

  • Feast celebrations, conferences, and seminars to provide additional teaching and training to the community at large

Our services are an interesting mix of both light synagogue elements and contemporary Christian worship with singing, reading and preaching of the Word, and congregation-led prayer. We're not a Messianic Jewish group ... We're a community of Gentile Christian Disciples who are excited about the Jewish Roots of our Faith!

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Issachar Community
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