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Loren Abraham, Senior Pastor at Issachar Community, has been a member of Issachar Community since 2009 and served as an Elder at Issachar Community for 5 years from 2012-2017. He taught a Torah Study Group meeting on the Sabbath for over three years. Loren has been developing a unique Torah Study Curriculum focusing on the Messianic implications and connections of the Torah to the Brit Hadasha (New Testament) which he intends to publish when completed and has previously published papers and books on this topic. By profession, Loren is a licensed Architect, author, industrial designer, educator and researcher with over 30 years in professional practice. Loren has taught Masters Degree level courses in architectural design and environmental technology at the School of Architecture at the University of Minnesota from 2005-2017, as an adjunct assistant professor and he held a Senior Research Fellow 

position in the College of Design from 2009-2012. Loren owned and operated Abraham + Associates Architects from 2001-2013, served on a team of advisors to the White House from 1992-96 and has held positions of Research Manager at Andersen Windows from 1989-94 and Director of Research for William McDonough + Partners in Charlottesville Virginia from 1994-1999. To follow Loren, visit His Blog

Cindy Abraham has worked as a Licensed Practical Nurse for over 40 years, primarily in mental health. She studied Nursing at Lake Area Vocational Technical College in Watertown, South Dakota graduating in 1972. She attended High School at Langford Public School in Langford, South Dakota where she was raised, graduating in 1971. Her interests include reading, sewing, singing, and studying the Bible. Loren and Cindy were married in 1980 in Minneapolis, Minnesota at Plymouth Congregational Church and they have four sons and five grandsons who love the Lord. They love volunteering at Feed My Starving Children where they have packed food monthly for over 7 years.

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Dan Darrow


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Jay Rosengren

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Alejandro Armendariz has been a covenant member of Issachar Community for over four years. He was born in Mexico City and from earliest childhood was raised in the Catholic religion. He attended a Catholic all-boys school during his elementary school years and as a teenager, was interested in Eastern Philosophies popular at that time. Several years after this Alejandro was invited to attend a Bible study which began his involvement in several different denominations including the Baptist Church. Alejandro attended a Baptist Seminary for one year. He arrived in Minnesota in June of 1998 and on December 25th 1999, which fell on a Sabbath, he attended Kehilat Sar Shalom in Saint Paul, Minnesota and it was his first exposure to a Messianic Congregation. Since that time Alejandro has been firmly planted in the Messianic movement. Later Alejandro began attending Issachar Community and became a Covenant Member in early 2017. Alejandro has worked as a Spanish/English language translator, is father to three daughters and currently lives in Saint Paul, Minnesota