The Sabbath Message is recorded at the weekly Sabbath Service.

We post that Sabbath Message by 4:00 PM Central Time (usually) the following Wednesday. 

Be sure and visit this page every Wednesday for the Sabbath Message this week!

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God Has a Plan for Your Life

Summary to be posted.

Prophetic Visions

Summary to be posted.

The Gifts and Calling of God are Irrevocable

Who is Balak? Israel and Moab have history. Who is Balaam? … Prophet or Scoundrel? The Error of Balaam. Contrasting Abraham and Balaam. The Gifts and the Calling. So, what then does God expect from us – how shall we live? Listen in as Pastor Loren speaks on these themes.

The Double Negative Redemption

Listen in as Pastor Loren unpacks the red heifer and the water purification, the death of Miriam, Moses’ failure, the life-giving water of Messiah, the one who cleanses becomes unclean, and the bronze serpent casting the shadow of Messiah’s death on the Cross.

Envy and Pride ... The Roots of Rebellion

What is the root cause of rebellion against God's commandments? There are those who seem to be speaking truth outwardly, but inwardly their motivation is greed, jealousy, and a hunger for power and influence … both from a political as well as a religious standpoint. Listen in and learn how envy and pride is the root of rebellion.

Without Faith It Is Impossible to Please God

Do you know that the power of your words can shape your life for good or evil? How about the uncanny way in which God can turn catastrophic events to His own purposes for good? Well, listen and learn!